Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ecuador

William Haber, Electronic Field Guide Project, University of Massachusetts, Boston

David Wagner, University of Connecticut, Storrs

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Perilestidae - Shortwings, Twigtails

These small, extremely slender damselflies are similar to platystictids in general appearance. In Ecuador, they are represented by two genera with about ten species. In young adults the thorax is marked with yellowish lines; these change to blue-green in mature individuals. The abdomen, which is much longer than the wings, is decorated with incomplete cream-green and orange-brown bands. Territorial males perch on vines or plant stems next to pools in forest streams. Other adults perch close to the ground on dead twigs or plant stems in understory and light gaps near streams.

Perilestes kahli, male Perissolestes remotus, male

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