Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ecuador

William Haber, Electronic Field Guide Project, University of Massachusetts, Boston

David Wagner, University of Connecticut, Storrs

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Calopterygidae - Jewelwings, Broadwings, Demoiselles

These are medium-sized damselflies common on rivers and streams of all sizes in Ecuador. They are only rarely seen at lakes and ponds. The family is represented in Ecuador by three genera and 17 species. The males can be instantly identified by the scarlet patch at the base of the fore and hind wings. The wings, with many antenodal cross veins, are clear, but can darken with age. Some species have well-defined smoky or red wing tips. The head and thorax are brown to black and often display metallic red, purple, or green markings. The wings of the female are usually tinted gold-brown, which may be denser near the wing base. The clypeus and labrum of the female are often distinctively colored with cream or metallic red or green markings. The thorax is usually dull brown with green and black markings. Some species lack stigmas in both sexes. The male abdominal appendages are useful for distinguishing species.

mnes-drep orm-imp-m
Hetaerina capitalis, male Mnesarete drepane, female Ormenophlebia imperatrix, male
mnes-drep-f orm-imp-f
Hetaerina capitalis, female Mnesarete drepane, female Ormenophlebia imperatrix, female

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