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Walk The Trail: Quincy Salt Marsh TrailAcknowledgements

The Virtual Nature Trail for the Sailors' Home Salt Marsh Trail and the updated paper version of the trail guide could not have been completed without:

  • Lori Schneider, who spent many hours walking the trail, taking photographs, and assisting me in identifying the flora and fauna of the area.
  • Sally Owen, who encouraged me to proceed with this project and to share the fruits of my labor through the Quincy Environmental Treasures program.
  • The contributions of other excellent photographers (Gwendolyn White, Derek Berezdevin, Morola Adjibodou, and Suzanne Shrewsbury) and the identification expertise of numerous people, including Rick Kesseli, Tom Palmer, Fred SaintOurs and Anna Santos.

Support for this project provided by the Electronic Field Guide Project, Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. Robert Stevenson co-PIs, University of Massachusetts Boston, the National Science Foundation, Grant DBI-0416835, CFDA number 47074 and Grant 011540, to Drs. Morris and Stevenson.

- Jennifer Forman Orth (Editor, Photographer, Website Designer), UMass Boston)

Acknowledgements from the Previous Paper Edition of the Trail Guide:

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to the many individuals, educators, parents, and community leaders, who enthusiastically joined me in the updating of the salt marsh walking trail and guidebook. It is because of their tireless effort that this project is a reality
- Brenda Shore, Project Director/Quincy Educator

Brenda would also like to thank:

  • Kathleen Morris, Beechwood Knoll School principal, for her unending support and commitment to the preservation of the salt marsh, which will ever benefit the Beechwood Knoll School and community.
  • Maureen McCarron, Beechwood Knoll parent and community leader, who painstakingly evaluated the marsh habitat, researched data, and organized the physical restoration of the trail.
  • Chuck Phelan, Director of Data Processing for the City of Quincy, who assisted in the development of a restoration plan and was largely responsible for the printing of this trail guide.
  • Jack Lydon, Operations Manager, and members of the staff of the Data Processing Department for the City of Quincy, who also assisted in the printing of the guide.
  • Dr. Philip McLaren, Eastern Nazarene College, who shared his expertise and provided scientific and historical information about the salt marsh.
  • Janet Baglione, Beechwood Knoll parent, who provided scientific data that was instrumental in the identification of plant and animal life along the trail.
  • Steven Baglione, Beechwood Knoll parent, who photographed the trail and contributed his collection of nature photographs, which can be observed along the trail on many of the numbered markers.
  • Dave Murphy, Quincy Park Department, who constructed new trail posts and restored the walking trail.
  • Beth Paulding, art student, who so beautifully illustrated the guidebook.
  • A Special Thanks to the Quincy Conservation Commission for supporting and encouraging our efforts to revitalize the trail.
  • Funding for trail restoration and the previous edition of the trail guide provided through the Quincy Public Schools' Community Service Learning Grant program and the generosity of Colonial Federal Savings Bank, Beechwood Knoll School business partner.


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