Biodiversity of Monteverde, Costa Rica

William A. Haber

Electronic Field Guide Project, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Monteverde Flora Project, Missouri Botanical Garden

Butterflies of Monteverde

Species Lists of Monteverde Butterflies

Scientific names with authors and links to species pages, when present, of butterflies recorded in the Monteverde region of the Cordillera de Tilarán in northern Costa Rica.

Clearwing butterflies - Ithomiinae

Electronic Field Guide (Clearwing butterflies, Ithomiinae)

A project at the University of Massachusetts- Boston to develop an object-oriented database for displaying images and data for species identification and recording field observations.

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Mimics of clearwing butterflies found at Monteverde

Publications relating to Monteverde Butterflies

Books, scientific papers, field guides, etc.

Links to other sites relevant to Monteverde Butterflies

Other web sites with information about Costa Rican butterflies or overlap with species that occur in Costa Rica.

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