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Welcome to the Electronic Field Guide (EFG) website. EFGs use technology to enhance the species identification process. Each identification key can be accessed in a variety of ways: navigate through a Java-based picture key, a printable text-only key, or "Browse All" to see all the images on a single page. Our current EFGs can be accessed using the navigational frame on the left side of this page. They were developed by biologists with an easy-to-use Excel-based interface...anyone can make an EFG Key, even you!

Mission Statement: The EFG project aims to provide a database management system for manipulating taxonomic information associated with the tree of life based on Linnaeus' model. It is intended for use as an educational research tool to assist users in accessing data regarding taxa. It will help biology researchers to identify species by performing iterative classification through elaboration of characteristics. For more details, please see the overview page.

Browser Requirements: The EFG software has been tested successfully in Win2K and WinXP using Firefox 1.0, Netscape 7, and MSIE 6. It has also been successfully tested in Mac OS X using Safari, and in Linux (Fedora) using Firefox 1.0. Your browser may require you to download and install Sun's Java Platform 2 plugin before viewing the Java version of the key (JRE 1.4.2 is supported, if you are using another version and have difficulties, consider switching).

The EFG is a project developed by the Computer Science and Biology Departments at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and is supported in part by grants from the National Science Foundation.

Image Credits: Clearwing Butterfly, Morning Glory, Palms and Lobed Leaves Keys ©William Haber. Invasive Plants in Winter Key ©Jennifer Forman Orth unless otherwise noted. Streams Key ©Fred SaintOurs.

Software Credits: Jacob Asiedu
The EFG software may be used and copied under the terms of the Free Software Foundation General Public License.

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