Flora of Monteverde Project
Convolvulaceae - Morning Glory Family

William A. Haber
Missouri Botanical Garden/University of Massachusetts, Boston

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Scientific name and description
Convolvulus nodiflorus Corolla small, <3 cm diameter, no nectar tube, style forked, calyx lobes short and rounded, hairy, flowers open in daytime, no odor.Ipo/Conv-nodi-fl-7790-b.jpg
Ipomoea alba Corolla large, >5 cm diameter, tube narrow and about 12 cm long, open at night, sweet odor.Ipo/Ipo-alb-fl-4-b.jpg
Ipomoea aurantiaca Corolla yellow-orange, 4 cm diameter, calyx and pedicel sticky, glabrous, appressed to corolla.Ipo/Ipom-aura-fl-839-b.JPG
Ipomoea batatas Calyx lobes and stem glabrous, corolla 4-5 cm in diameter, 4-5 cm long.Ipo/Ipom-bata-fl-144-7-b.jpg
Ipomoea batatoides Throat white inside with gray at base, calyx lobes rounded and convex, without an apical tooth, appressed to corolla, peduncle not ridged or winged.Ipo/Ipom-batoid-fl-5-b.jpg
Ipomoea hederifolia Corolla bright red, 2 cm diameter, 3-4 cm long, calyx with long slender appendages.Ipo/Ipom-hede-fl-7704-b.jpg
Ipomoea indica Corolla dark blue with white throat, calyx lobes elongate but broad at base, almost glabrous.Ipo/Ipom-indi-fl-2-b.jpg
Ipomoea leucotricha Corolla purple-blue with paler pink to magenta throat, stems and leaves pubescent, calyx lobes pointed and recurved.Ipo/Ipom-leuc-fl-16-b.jpg
Ipomoea lindenii Corolla dark blue to purple with throat purple-black except at extreme base, calyx lobes short and rounded, leaves glabrous.Ipo/Ipom-lind-hfl-o5-b.jpg
Ipomoea nil Corolla vibrant blue with white throat, calyx lobes hairy and narrow at base, free from corolla tube.Ipo/Ipom-nil-clx-8-216a.jpg
Ipomoea parasitica Corolla dark blue with yellow throat, 5 cm diameter, smaller than other blue species, leaves glabrous.Ipo/Ipom-para-fl-7695-b.jpg
Ipomoea santillianii Corolla large, >5 cm diameter, tube less than 3 cm, calyx lobes small and appressed, but sourrounded by large inflorescence bracts, open at night.Ipo/Ipom-sant-hfl-5-b.jpg
Ipomoea setosa Corolla pake pink with darker throat, calyx appressed to corolla tube, has many 1 cm soft spines.Ipo/Ipom-seto-fl-22-b.jpg
Ipomoea trifida Corolla 3 cm in diameter, 2.5 cm long, limb white or pale pink to white with darker pink to magenta throat, calyx lobes and stem with long hairs.Ipo/Ipom-trif-fl-7684-b.jpg
Ipomoea umbraticola Throat magenta, calyx lobes short with a small tooth at apex, peduncle ridged or winged.Ipo/Ipom-umbr-144-o3-b.jpg
Operculina pteripes Corolla salmon, 6 cm diameter, calyx large, appressed to corolla tube, glabrous; a high-climbing liana.Ipo/Oper-pter-fl-2-b.jpg

Ceated: 19 Apr 2019 Updated: 19 Apr 2019