GenusLocal distribution
AcrocomiaDry Pacific lowlands, rarely reaching 800 m elevation (Finca San Luis). Mainly seen in pastures and disturbed areas.
AstrocaryumSwampy areas on the lower Atlantic slope up to 750 m (Poco Sol).
BactrisUpper Pacific slope barely extending into cloud forest; Atlantic slope between 700 - 1400 m.
CalyptrogyneCloud forest on both slopes and Alantic slope rain forest.
ChamaedoreaFound in all habitats, but more diverse in cloud forest and Atlantic slope rain forest.
CryosophilaGuacimal River Valley below San Luis (C. grayumii) and barely reaching 700 m on the Atlantic slope (C. warscewiczii).
EuterpeAtlantic slope rain forest up to about 900 m.
GeonomaAtlantic slope to the Continental Divide and down the Pacific slope to about 1000 m in wetter habitats.
IriarteaAtlantic slope from lowlands to about 1000 m.
NeonicholsoniaAtlantic slope below 700 m.
PrestoeaPacific slope cloud forest and wetter sites down to 1000 m; whole Atlantic slope.
ReinhhardtiaAtlantic slope below 800 m.
SynechanthusAtlantic slope below 900 m.
ZamiaAtlantic slope below 800 m.
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